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GTVS/GTRS 2- and 3-way flanged valve
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  1. เครื่องจักร, อุปกรณ์เกี่ยวกับเครื่องจักร, เครื่องมือกล
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  1. REGIN,VALVE & ACTUATORS, เครื่องจักร อุปกรณ์ เครื่องมือกล
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  1. เครื่องมือ, เครื่องจักรและอุปกรณ์

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2- and 3-way flanged valve
• Size DN32–150
• Kvs value 16–310
• Differential pressure 0.12–1.3 MPa
Control valves intended for use in heating and ventilation
systems, suitable for cold and hot water, glycol-mixed
water or steam.
• Pressure rating PN16
• Media temperature -5...+120°C
The valve is open when the stem is at its lower position
and closed when the stem is at its highest position.
As the stem is at its lower position, flow-through between
ports A and AB is entirely open (and closed between
ports B and AB). As the stem is at its highest position,
flow-through between ports B and AB is entirely open
(and closed between ports A and AB).
The valves are intended to be used together with
actuators of the type RVA... The OVA-F1 adapter kit is
factory mounted on models with DN32-40 and OVA-F2
is mounted on models with DN50-150.
The valves are to be mounted according to the flow
direction arrows on the valve.
The 2-way valve is to be mounted with port A as intake
and port AB as return (flow direction A in, AB out) to
ensure tight closure and prevent noise when closing.
The 3-way valve is of mixing type and should be mounted
at the mixing point.
Make sure to mount the 3-way valve so that correct flow
directions are obtained.
Body in cast iron and stem in stainless steel. Plug and seat
in gunmetal. Self-adjusting PTFE packing box and O-rings
in Viton.
Control of refrigerants
The valves can be used with different refrigerants. In this
case, a special type of packing box must be mounted.
Contact Regin for more information.

2-way Connection Kvs Max diff. pressure
GTVS32-16 DN32 16 1.3 MPa
GTVS40-27 DN40 27 0.8 MPa
GTVS50-39 DN50 39 1.0 MPa
GTVS65-63 DN65 63 0.6 MPa
GTVS80-100 DN80 100 0.4 MPa
GTVS100-160 DN100 160 0.25 MPa
GTVS125-215 DN125 215 0.17 MPa
GTVS150-310 DN150 310 0.12 MPa

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