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Sontex Energy Meter
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  1. พลังงาน
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  1. ENERGY METER เครื่องมือและอุปกรณ์พลังงาน
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  1. สินค้า, ผลิตภัณฑ์
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Thermal Energy Meter Superstatic 440 (Cast-iron version)

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Thermal energy meter
Superstatic 440+Supercal 531+Temperature sensor
Design The energy meter consists of a Superstatic 440 flow sensor, a Supercal 531 (AC 24V) integrator and a pair of temperature sensors. Consumption values can be read easily on display.
Temperature sensor pair Supercal 531 integrators in combination with Superstatic flow sensors are supplied as standard in Pt500 version. The temperature sensors are matched to one another. They are always supplied in pairs and must not be separated, extended or shortened. In the case of a temperature sensor paired with a cable longer than 3m, we recommend the exclusive use of screened temperature sensor pairs. In this case, the screening must be fitted correctly.
Measurement technique The Supercal 531 with AC 24V power supply records the supply and the return temperature every 3 seconds. The recording flow rate is dependent on the pulse value of the flow sensor unit and is constantly updated. From the mean flow rate, the temperature difference and the heat coefficient will calculate the energy of the captured medium and display on the 8-digit LCD.
Functional description The top level of Superstatic flow sensors is always the sensor level with feedback loops. The sensor frequency/pulses are directly proportional to the flow/volume.
The oscillating jet level has an acceleration section with interactive action. The oscillate frequency of the oscillating jet and the electrical signals generated do not need any external energy source.
The water inlet and outlet have a fluid input optimised for flow and an integrated straight section, which makes an external straight section up to DN40 redundantly.

Flow sensor           40...100m3/h (DN80...125)  
Model No. (EXT-..) 440X3000 440X3400 440X3600  
DN 80 100 125 DN
Nominal flow     qp 40 60 100 m3/h
Maximum flow   qs 80 120 200 m3/h
Minimum flow    qi 0.8 1.2 2 m3/h
Mounting length 300 260 250 mm
Weight 12.2 14.6 16.0 kg
Standard EN 1434 Class 2 (+/- 2% at qp)
Nominal pressure PN 16 bar
Pressure loss at qp 0.09 0.10 0.10 bar

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