Belimo Energy Valve

Belimo Energy ValveTM.
Know where the energy is going.

The Belimo Energy ValveTM, which consists of a 2-way characterised control valve, volumetric fl
metre, temperature sensors and an actuator with integrated logic, combines the fi functions of
measuring, controlling, balancing, shutting and monitoring energy into a single
installation-friendly unit. Unique functions such as the Delta-T manager or the possibility of
direct power control provide clarity, increase effi and cut costs.
• Quick and certain dimensioning, simple commissioning
• Time-savings through automatic, permanent hydraulic balancing
• Ensuring the correct volume of water with differential-pressure changes and partial loads
• Transparency with respect to energy consumption for heating and cooling
• Trend-setting technology for maximum comfort with minimum energy consumption

System transparency with energy monitoring

• Transparent: Recording of all system data of the previous 13 months indicates optimisation
potentials; simple analysis on a PC
• Innovative: Power-control option, independent of differential pressure and water temperature
• Versatile: Conventional control or communication via Belimo MP-Bus®, BACnet IP and BACnet MS/TP
• Time-saving: Significantly reduced effort for hydraulic balancing
• Flexible: Adjustable maximum fl rate and adjustable maximum output
• Energy-efficient: No leakages thanks to air-bubble-tight characterised control valve

If cooling or heating coils are operated at an excessively high fl rate and
thus at an excessively low differential temperature, above a certain operating point the energy
consumption of the pumps and of the cooling and heat generators will rise – without increasing the
power output.
Ineffi operation can be readily determined with the Belimo Energy ValveTM. In addition, the
integrated Delta-T manager ensures that an adjustable differential temperature limit value is not
fallen below. Flooding of the heat exchanger is therefore no longer possible.

Belimo Energy ValveTM Type Nominal diameter DN
Adjustable maximum fl      rate [m3/h]
[l/s] [l/min]
  EV015R+BAC 15                         0.35 21 0.38…1.26
EV020R+BAC 20                         0.65 39 0.7…2.34
EV025R+BAC 25                         1.15 69 1.24…4.14
EV032R+BAC 32                          1.8 108 1.94…6.48
EV040R+BAC 40                          2.5 150 2.7…9
EV050R+BAC 50                          4.8 288 5.18…17.28
Medium temperature: -10°C…+120°C   System pressure (ps): 1600 kPa    
Belimo Energy ValveTM Type Nominal diameter DN
Adjustable maximum fl      rate [m3/h]
[l/s] [l/min]
  P6065W800EV-BAC 65                            8 480 13…28.8
P6080W1100EV-BAC 80                           11 660 17.8...39.6
P6100W2000EV-BAC 100                          20 1200 32.4…72
P6125W3100EV-BAC 125                          31 1860 50.2…111.6
P6150W4500EV-BAC 150                          45 2700 72.9…162
Medium temperature: -10°C…+120°C   System pressure (ps): 1600 kPa