ID : 127836
Brand : Dwyer
Model : PHO-1
Last Update : 04/10/2559 11:31 Preview : 2,266
The microprocessor based pH/ORP/Temperature Meter offers quick response and high accuracy. Simultaneously measure and display pH from 0 to 14 pH (0 to 1999 mV) and temperatures up to 200°F (100°C). Model PHO-1 meter features manual or automatic temperature compensation, auto buffer recognition, and data logging capabilities, and the recording interval can be defined by the user. The Model PHO-1 accepts any pH electrode with a BNC connector. For additional convenience, select model PHO-1K kit, which contains a meter, RS-232 cable, batteries, software, pH electrode, temperature probe, gender changer, carrying case and manual.
ID : 138411
Brand : DWYER
Model : THC-21
Last Update : 04/10/2559 11:48 Preview : 1,655
The SERIES THC simultaneously measures and controls temperature and humidity. The unit offers a 3-digit red display for temperature indication and a 3-digit green display indicating humidity. The Series THC is equipped with four independent relays, two for temperature control and two relays for humidity control. The THC Temperature/Humidity Switch accepts up to two temperature probe inputs (sold separately) and a humidity sensor. A humidity sensor with 0 to 1 V, 3 V (THC-P sold separately), or 4 to 20 mA output can be used with the Series THC.
ID : 139034
Brand : DWYER
Model : Series WPH2
Last Update : 04/10/2559 11:32 Preview : 1,403
The Series WPH2 pH Testing Pen accurately monitors pH and temperature levels in a variety of applications. This pocket-sized tester is ideal for pH level measurements in lab environments, industrial plants, or field environmental testing. It features an easy to replace electrode and automatically recognizes up to 3 calibration buffer solution ranges. Both pH and temperature, in both English and Metric units, appear on the large dual display. Both the electrode and battery compartment caps are sealed to provide an IP65 weatherproof rating.
ID : 139352
Brand : DWYER
Last Update : 04/10/2559 11:44 Preview : 1,619
Model GDL Graphical Display Data Logger Measure Temperature, Humidity and Dew Point, Instant Display
ID : 140461
Brand : Dwyer
Last Update : 27/10/2559 10:34 Preview : 1,457
Model WHT-310 WHT-311 WHT-320 WHT-322 WHT-330 WHT-333 WHT-31A WHT-32A
ID : 143777
Brand : DWYER
Model : The Series CDX
Last Update : 02/12/2559 17:11 Preview : 1,630
Measures up to 2000 ppm, Adjustable Output